The Island of Erinia is a mysterious Greek island.


In 1981, Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck visited Erinia in search of the Cornucopia. They found it to be inhabited by a small community of peaceful mythological creatures (most notably centaurs, nymphs and satyrs), ruled by the nymph Brigitis, who had once used the Horn of Plenty as their sole source of food, and were in danger of starvation ever since the horn had been stolen by a barbaric giant (the only of his kind on the island as far as the ducks could tell).

Scrooge was able to retake the Horn for them, but Brigitis then revealed that she had sworn to marry the hero who would retake the Horn. Rather not keen on marrying this complete stranger, Scrooge ran away, losing all the jewels he had gained from the Horn, and he was never able to prove that Erinia's fantastical inhabitants were real (which Donald Duck, for instance, refused to believe).

Behind the scenes

The Island of Erinia, or 'Rineia', is a real location, and is, in real life, well-known albeit uninhabited.

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