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Professor Eurasia Toft, called Eurasia Tost in the original Italian, is a female anthropomorphic mouse.


The niece of aging explorer Pangaea Toft, the "mite-nearsighted" but spunky and resourceful Eurasia studied archeology and got a PhD. Specializing in the study of ancient ruins and civilizations (particularly precolumbian ones), Toft has often crossed paths with Mickey Mouse and Goofy during her travels, becoming quite close to the two fellow adventurers.

Behind the scenes

Eurasia was created in 2004 by Casty in The Lost Explorers' Trail.

There was once a persistent rumor that Eurasia Toft was the first transsexual Disney character; however, this rumor is unfounded, and is very unlikely to be true considering some of her background as shown in The Lost Explorers' Trail.