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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Eye-Patch Will is an anthropomorphic dog.


In 1930, Eye-Patch Will, Peg-Leg Pete and a reluctant Oswald Rabbit formed a gang of Far West outlaws who robbed the Heela City Bank. What occurred to Eye-Patch Will after this is unknown, as Oswald, in his flight from the Sheriff and into the desert, split off from the other two.

Behind the scenes

Eye-Patch Will only ever appeared in the 1930 cartoon Hell's Heels, where he is not named.

As the cartoon is an adaptation of the novel Three Godfathers, however, it is possible to deduce who he is: Oswald Rabbit must take the place of the original protagonist Robert, and it stands to reason that Pete would be the story's Pedro "Pete" Rocafuerte. This leaves Will Kearney as the only possible identity for the Eye-Patch Dog, hence "Eye-Patch Will".

As the entire cast for Hell's Heels is lost, is is unknown who voiced Eye-Patch Will.