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This page is a repository of common questions people have
about the Disney comics universe, and their answers!

“The Richest Duck in the World”?

Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold discuss being "richest ducks” in The Second-Richest Duck, by Carl Barks. This does not mean there are individuals of other species who surpass either of them in wealth, despite popular belief to the contrary.

$crooge McDuck is often described as “the richest duck in the world”. Depending on who you listen to, Flintheart GlomgoldJohn D. Rockerduck or even the Duke of Baloni may be “the second-richest duck”.

However, you must always keep in mind that this doesn't mean that Scrooge is only the richest anthropomorphic duck on the Disney Comics Universe's Earth. It's not as though any anthropomorphic pig or goat could be richer than Scrooge for all we know.

Scrooge is the richest man in the world; saying “richest duck” is just an oft-used phrase, drawing its popularity from the fact that, well, it sounds funnier that way, like if he said “richest top-hat-wearing old crank in the world”.

Why do Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck live with Donald? Where are their parents?!

Don Rosa's depiction of Della Duck.

The real parents of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck are canonically Donald Duck's sister Della (also Thelma or Dumbella), and a mysterious “Mr Duck (no relation) about whom little is known, except that he may be Daisy Duck's brother. Possibly. Who knows.

Not much was known about Della either until 2014, when the story Family Ties revealed that Della was a daredevil test-pilot who entrusted Huey, Dewey and Louie to Donald for the duration of a test venture into space… then never came back. The triplets' father's fate, meanwhile, is unknown. 

In the world of DuckTales 2017, Della was also a pilot, and adventured with her brother and her uncle Scrooge in the past, only to become lost in space while testing an experimental spaceship called the Spear of Selene. Unbeknownst to her family, she crash-landed on the Moon, where she has been living a Robinson Crusoe-esque lifestyle. Readers should remember that this is only canon to the parallel universe where DuckTales 2017 takes place — not to the classic continuity.