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[[Category:2017 Continuum]]

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Falcon Graves is an anthropomorphic hawk from the 2017 Continuum.


Ruthless, extremely competent and with a sour disposition, Falcon Graves is a professional industrial spy and saboteur for hire. In 2017, he was hired to investigate Mark Beaks's "Project Omega". Graves was unamused by the inexplicably laid-back Beaks's antics and repeatedly attempted to kill the parrot for "personal satisfaction", most notably throwing him off a large building, though he has thankfully failed so far.

Behind the scenes

Falcon Graves first appeared in 2017 in The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks, an episode of DuckTales 2017. He is one of the characters specifically created for the series, who presumably does not have a counterpart in the regular universe.

Voice Actors