Family Secrets, subtitled The Original Story of Phantom Manor, is a written story, written up by Jeff Burke with input by Craig Fleming and edited by David G. Ravenswood. It features Henry Ravenswood, Arthur Ravenswood, Gabrielle Ravenswood, Melanie Ravenswood, Martha Ravenswood, Marie-Thérèse de Bourbon and Jake. The non-narrative information published alongside the story itself also mentions Jasper Jones, Anna Jones and Goliath.


The story is a summarized version of the history of Phantom Manor, from the first arrival of Henry and Arthur Ravenswood in Thunder Mesa to the tragic death of Melanie Ravenswood's beloved Jake at the hands of the ghostly Phantom!



  • The story presents itself as a version of the backstory of Phantom Manor (1989).

Behind the scenesEdit

Family Secrets was released in 2012 or earlier on the website Ravenswood Manor. It was edited by David G. Ravenswood from private correspondence with Phantom Manor producer Jeff Burke, who had originally developed the narrative with show writer Craig Fleming.

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