Fanged Gentleman

The Fanged Gentleman is a strange monster vaguely resembling an anthropomorphic cat.


A very elegant gentleman with a cat-like furry face showing no nose, four whisker-like hairs, and two sharp protruding fangs, the Fanged Gentleman is one of the self-declared monsters who often visit places like the Hotel Transylvania.

Staying there in October 2004, the Fanged Gentleman, like all other guests, was supportive of Donald Duck's excellent work as a concierge, and gave him an appreciative smile as he passed by.

Behind the scenes

The Fanged Gentleman only ever appeared in 2004 in Hotel Transylvania.

Like many monsters who stayed at (or worked for) the Hotel Transylvania, it is possible that the Fanged Gentleman originally came from the X-Dimension, rather than being native to Earth.

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