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Aunt Fanny, better-known as Fanny Goose née Coot is a female anthropomorphic coot.


An aunt of Donald Duck's, Fanny married a Mr Goose and had two children, one of them being Donald Duck's lazy cousin Gus Goose. Fanny is extremely fond of her son and does not seem to quite take notice of Gus's phenomenal appetite.

Fanny's place in Duck genealogy is a matter of some discussion. Although she is usually reckoned to be the daughter of Gretchen Grebe and of one of Elvira Duck's brothers (either Casey[1] or Humperdink[2]), another account states that she was a daughter of Elvira Duck.[3] Yet another account states that Gus's mother was not Luke Goose's wife as usually reckoned, but rather his sister, who may or may not be Fanny.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

She first appeared in May 1939 in the cartoon Donald's Cousin Gus as the writer of a letter simply signed "Aunt Fanny".

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