The Fantasy Finder is a machine created in 1969 by Gyro Gearloose.


Built by Gyro Gearloose from the shell of an old grandfather clock, the Fantasy Finder is a teleporting pod capable of taking one or two passengers to wherever and whenever a well-known fantasy story “really happened”, whether it simply be a forgotten ancient past, or an outright fantasyland. To use it, one must simply get in, set the return dial, and punch a button while thinking about the fairy tale or legend with which one wishes to interact. Gyro used the Fantasy Finder to meet Puss-in-Boots, Jack and Jill and the Three Bears and to visit the Gingerbread House; together with Scrooge, he also travelled back to Ancient Greece to meet Hercules.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Fantasy Finder is central to the events of the 1969 story The Golden Apples.

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