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Farragut is a non-anthropomorphic falcon.


Farragut is an exceptionally fast-flying and vindictive falcon trained by Eider Duck as a hunter, and sent as a present to his nephew Donald Duck in 1944. Donald had a series of mishaps with Farragut, as, despite his boasts, he had no idea how to handle a bird of prey. In the end, Donald decided to get some use out of the bird by strapping him to a leash and having him pull a small wagon for his nephews and he to ride. At some point afterwards, Donald got rid of Farragut, possibly by sending him back to Eider.

Behind the scenes

Farragut (presumably named after the Jules Verne character of Captain Farragut) only ever appeared in the 1944 story Farragut the Falcon.

Oddly enough, in the British printing of that story in 1973 in Donald and Mickey #73, Farragut was renamed "Fred", and the story likewise called Fred the Falcon.