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Featherduster is an anthropomorphic owl.


A Junior Woodchuck scout, Featherduster is a young boy, seeming to be around Huey Duck's age. He seemed to have a close bond with his guardian figure, although it is unclear whether or not he was his father, older brother, uncle or any other form of relative. Featherduster seems to be mild-mannered and a little quiet but quite intelligent and adventurous in its own right.

While on the 87th Annual Junior Woodchuck Father/Son Camping Trip with his guardian, he received the "Botanical Badge" from Launchpad McQuack. He enthusiastically accompanied Scrooge McDuck on his adventure to find the Duckburg Giant and was amazed by the sight of it.[1]

Behind the scenes

Featherduster appeared in 2018 in The Giant Butterfly of Duckburg!

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