Ferdinand Blackduck, also known as Captain Blackduck, was an anthropomorphic duck.


In the 18th century, Ferdinand Blackduck was a fiercely adventurous pirate, though with a peculiar problem when it came to telling his right from his left. After a long career of swashbuckling and plundering, Blackduck settled down with an unknown woman and had a son, whom he counted on to carry on the family legacy of wanton piracy. Unfortunately for Blackduck, Junior decided he'd rather become a dentist.

Heartbroken, Ferdinand swore he'd know no rest till an heir of the Blackduck took up his mantle of buccaneering; as a result, he became a ghost, watching over his sister's descendants over the centuries. But none volunteered. In 2000 at last, he thought he had it with his descendant from Duckburg, Donald Duck, with whom he made one last adventurous voyage.

Unfortunately, it turned out Ferdinand had been mistaken and Donald was not his great-great-great-grandson; rather, his neighbor Michael was. Sadly, Ferdinand parted ways with Donald, accepting him as a honorary Blackduck but resigned that his curse could not yet be lifted. Donald, determined to help out his non-ancestor, managed to convince his neighbor to set sail with Ferdinand, who presumably passed on the tourch to him soon afterwards and retired to the afterlife.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ferdinand Blackduck was only ever seen in 2000 story The Last of the Blackducks.

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