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Fethry Duck is an anthropomorphic duck.


The son of Eider Duck and Lulubelle Loon, and the hapless uncle of Dugan, Fethry Duck is Donald Duck's cousin. He can hardly be better described than by this single word: loony. The eccentric beatnik-duck is unbelievably gullible and naive (easily believing whatever wacky book falls into his long-fingered hands), and also very creative in finding new ways to be obnoxious to the quiet and peaceful. He has been known to engage in fads that will last a week at most before finding a new craze.

Behind the scenes

Fethry was created in 1964 by Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard in their story The Health Nut.


Prior to Fethry making an official animated appearance (albeit as his parallel universe counterpart in DuckTales 2017) with the voice of Tom Kenny, Fethry had no set voice, though Joe Torcivia had stated that, much like he sees Jubal Pomp as a birdified W. C. Fields, he imagines Fethry as being voiced by veteran 1960's voice actor Howard Morris.


There exists some debate on how the name "Fethry" is supposed to be pronounced — with proposals ranging to simply "feathery" to a dry "th" like in "Arthur". 

Voice Actor

Notes and References

  1. Given by Francisco Angones on Frank Angones and the Suspenders of Disbelief, this birthday is presumed to primarily apply to DuckTales 2017’s version of Fethry. However, in other cases, Angones has shown that birthdays of Prime Universe characters also apply to their 2017 Continuum counterparts, so the reverse might hold.
  2. How I Miss Those Moments, which is the unofficial English name for the 1982 story known in the original Portugese as Oh, Que Saudades Que Eu Tenho..., shows Fethry as still wearing a diaper and being unable to speak while Donald was able to walk and talk, indicating that Fethry is younger than Donald. Since Donald was born in 1920, Fethry must be born after 1920. The same story shows Donald and Fethry attending school together. Since Donald likely would have graduated high school some time in the late 1930's or early 1940's, it is very unlikely that Fethry would have been born any later than 1934, and even that date is very late considering what is seen in the story.
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