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Fethry Duck is an anthropomorphic duck and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to Fethry Duck.


This version of Fethry is every bit as kind-hearted and kooky as his Prime Universe self, but has foregone week-long fads for an unconditional love of the ocean. A former Junior Woodchuck, he is the janitor and sole occupant of a McDuck underwater laboratory, he has carved himself a comfortable niche admiring the wonders of the deep, occasionally calling in Scrooge and Donald for some deep-diving adventures, though his Team of Musical Krill are usually company enough for the loon. In October 2018, Fethry met and befriended Huey and Dewey, who he insistently called "Little Donalds", and was inspired to officially become a marine scientist. 


Then follow me, eager minds! To liquid space, the silent habitat!
The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook states that a warm hat breeds warm, healthy thoughts.
She's not a monster, she's a Mitzi! Just 'cause she's a little different doesn't make her bad!
Junior Woodchuck Rule #2: All Junior Woodchucks must be open to the unknown in their quest for the truth!

Behind the scenes

This version of Fethry first appeared in 2018 in The Depths of Cousin Fethry.

Fonseca's original drawing (Source).

Interestingly, his design was heavily based on a piece of “concept art” posted by fan Mauro Fonseca on DeviantArt in June 2017, seemingly because it had been mistaken for a piece of original art by the DuckTales design team. Fonseca reacted to this with amusement on Twitter, with no answer from the official team.

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