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The Clan McDuck (Mac Ankan klaani in the original Finnish) is a version of the Duck Family Tree, of unknown authorship, save inasmuch as it reuses art by Carl Barks and Tony Strobl to illustrate the characters featured. They are Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Dumbella Duck, Elvira Duck, Gladstone Gander, Fethry and Gus Goose. "Scrooge and Elvira's parents" (implicitly Fergus McDuck and Downy O'Drake) are also given a place in the tree, but do not appear physically. Additionally, in their debuts, Scrooge McDuck's brothers "No. 1" and "No. 2" are mentioned.


This small version of the tree is one of the stories which holds Elvira Duck and Scrooge McDuck to be siblings. It also interestingly features two brothers of Scrooge's; one is the father of Donald Duck and Dumbella Duck, while the other is Fethry Duck's father. Gladstone Gander and Gus Goose are featured in the tree as merely "the other line". Also visible on the tree are Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck (correctly inserted as the children of Dumbella and her husband) and the Clan McDuck coat of arms from The Castle Heirs.

Behind the scenes

This Family Tree was an illustration for a 1981 Finnish calendar, a subscriber gift for the Aku Ankka magazine, released in December of 1980. It has never been officially printed in English.