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Count Duckesque (Paperescu in the original Italian) was a male anthropomorphic duck.


A Transylvania warrior and nobleman in the Renaissance, Count Duckesque was a relative of the Clan McDuck who amassed a great treasure, the centerpiece of which was a golden bat-shaped Duckesque Talisman. The treasure was sought by a horde of Beagle Boy-like thieves, while the Talisman was the object of a Wicked Witch's lust.

Fortunately, Duckesque and his trusted head butler figured out the recipe for a witch-repelling garlic mixture, and discovered how to train bats to act as guardians for the treasure. (These secrets would later be passed down the generations of the servant's family, even as they were forgotten by the Duckesques themselves.) Towards the end of his life, Duckesque sealed the treasure and talisman in the impregnable castle he had built. For unclear reasons, he left instructions in the will that his heirs could only dispose of the fortune if the castle should ever be destroyed (something which did not happen until 1986).

At some point, a tome was written concerning Count Duckesque, which found its way into Scrooge McDuck's private library. This led to Donald Duck coming to stay at Castle Duckesque and meeting Duckesque's heir. Due to the popular reputation of Transylvania, the bat motifs apparent in the Duckesques' heraldry, and the modern Count's resemblance to the original Count Duckesque, Donald came to believe that Count Duckesque was a vampire posing as his own descendant, which proved utterly false.

Behind the scenes

Count Duckesque first appeared in 1986 in Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.

It is possible that Duckesque's first name began with the letter “A”, as on the illustration depicting him, the ornate frame seems to form the letter “A” in the top right and left corners. This may, however, be coincidence.