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Flintheart Glomgold is an anthropomorphic duck.


He is Scrooge's archenemy and the second-richest duck in the world. Glomgold is extremely similar to Scrooge, living the same way, looking very similar and having the same love of money; his difference is that he is pretty much was what Scrooge would have been without a family — heartless and cold. Additionally Glomgold is, for all intents and purposes, as rich as Scrooge; the difference between their fortunes is actually, literally, a few centimeters of string.

He has his own Money Bin in Africa, which is where they first met, though he later moved to Duckburg to spy on Scrooge more effectively.


Glomgold when he was a teenager

Flintheart was born of Scottish parents, his father as dishonest as he would become, but his mother kind, generous and honest. He claims to have been born in South Africa, though he might have been lying at that point; at any rate, he does keep the Scottish accent of his parents.

Scrooge and Flintheart first met in Africa when they were teens, though Scrooge did not know Flintheart's name. In Flintheart, Scrooge found what seemed at first like an equal, but was really a distorted doppelganger that shared his will to win money to make his family proud, but not his work ethics and his will to "make his money square"; and even though Scrooge had saved Flintheart's life, the other duck didn't repay him well, stealing everything from him and leaving him alone in a savanna he did not know yet. Unbeknownst to Flintheart however, Scrooge had been toughened up by his earlier adventures and in spite of his lack of foreknowledge was able to control a lion and ride it to town, where he found Glomgold drinking his loot away. Scrooge challenged Flintheart to a duel, but the thief soon revealed his cowardly nature and tried to flee before being eventually put in jail. While there, Flintheart swore his revenge on Scrooge, deciding to become rich to top him.


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Behind the scenes

Glomgold was first seen in 1956 in the Carl Barks story The Second-Richest Duck.

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