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The Ghost with the Floating Candelabra is one of the ghostly residents of the Haunted Mansion, whose gender and identity are in dispute.


When guests visit the Haunted Mansion, they usually catch a glimpse of a candelabra eerily floating without any visible figure carrying it, wandering up and down the Endless Hallway.[1] According to a story the Ghost Host once told, the ghost whom the guests do not yet see is in fact Mr Coats, one of the two architects of the Mansion, who ironically died by becoming lost in the labyrinth of corridors built by his treacherous partner Mr Davis.[2] However, according to the rumors known to the mortal Cast Members of the house, the Floating Candelabra is instead the ghost of Prudence, Little Leota's housemaid, who was always petrified walking the winding corridors of the Mansion at night, and, on one particular cold night, was scared to death by a sudden fright caused by her mistress as a prank.[3][UNOFF]

Behind the scenes

The Floating Candelabra first appeared in The Haunted Mansion, being present since its opening in 1969. A similar effect appears in the replicas of the Mansion in Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland, and also in Phantom Manor, where the ghost carrying the candelabra is in fact Melanie Ravenswood herself.

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