Flossie is a female non-anthropomorphic chicken.


One of the laying hens raised in Cackleburg, the “egg capital of the world”, Flossie is one of the chickens belonging to Melissie, a Cackleburger cousin of Goofy's. In 1974, Flossie caught “the Pip”, an avian disease which made her lay eggs with rock-hard yolks. Emil Eagle mistakenly believed the hardened yolks to be made of gold and attempted to kidnap Flossie and spread her germs to all the chickens he could get his hands on, but his scheme was stopped by Mickey Mouse and Goofy, called in to help by Melissie.

Behind the scenesEdit

Flossie's first and only appearance was in the 1974 comic story, A Whistle in the Dark.

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