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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Floyd and Lloyd Rabbit' are a pair of anthropomorphic rabbits.


Floyd and Lloyd Rabbit are a duo of orphan rabbits whom Oswald Rabbit and Toby Bear (whilst they were living in Lantzville) adopted as young boys. Oswald (whom they called "Poppa Oswald") subsequently became their father after Toby grew more distant from him. Floyd and Lloyd were reasonably clever children, who often stood up to their father if he got unreasonably angry at them and frequently outsmart predator Reddy Fox, but they would also often cause catastrophes through their own clumsiness or mischief.


You and your ideas! (Lloyd to Floyd)

Behind the scenes

Floyd and Lloyd Rabbit were created in 1948 in an as-yet-unidentified comic story. They remained recurring characters in the Walter Lantz-produced Oswald Rabbit comics and Walter Lantz New Funnies comics until they ceased publication in 1961-1962. Other comics they appeared in include Almanaque do Pica-Pau and Woody Woodpecker's Back to School.

It is unknown if Floyd and Lloyd followed their “Poppa” to Wasteland, or if they had become independent adults by then, who no longer lived with Oswald.