The Fly is a semi-anthropomorphic fly of unknown gender.

Description Edit

This fly is often seen following the dwarf Sleepy around. As, well, Sleepy as Sleepy himself, the Fly continually attempts to nuzzle on Sleepy's nose or cap and sleep there. For is part, Sleepy finds the Fly annoying but also, ultimately, endearing. The fly's history of ill-fated choices of bed has also included wandering outside of the Black Forest to bother Ludwig Von Drake by trying to sleep on a musical score he was reading, leading to Ludwig confusing the fly for an additional note, and thus ruining the performance.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Fly was created in 1937 as a minor comic relief for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Many more gags were scripted for the Fly than made it into the final picture, such as Sleepy finally managing to trap the Fly inside Snow White's Glass Coffin, and then having second thoughts and freeing his prisoner.

The Fly later made a cameo appearance in An Adventure in Color — or at least one can presume it is the same memorable Fly, though that is not made explicit.

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