This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Fog Ships are interdimensional vehicles used primarily by the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids.


Fog Ships are the sophisticated Void Ships used by members of the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids to traverse the Void and thus voyage across parallel universes. Reliant primarily on conceptual engines and dematerialization circuits, the Ships' guiding principles were thought up by the Crew's Creator but the vessels were only completed by the Celestial Foam Network. Besides their interdimensional capabilities, Fog Ships, are capable of short hops through Space or through Time within a single universe.

Most Fog Ships are simply vehicles, but one experimental Ship, Pessimist's Fog Ship, is a fully-functional A.I. in its own right. Among the components of Fog Ships are Dimensional Warp Drives and Conceptual Engines.

Behind the scenes

Fog Ships were first mentioned in 2019 in Cupid Fact File No. 94 — The Euclidean Plane.

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