Unofficial Followed from the Mansion is a live-action short film written by Josh and Jeremiah Daws, Ricky Brigante and Michelle Moss, and directed by the Daws brothers alongside Jared Isham. It features Phineas, the Floating Candelabra, a bust of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and, in their debut, Jake, his father and his stepmother.

Description Edit

Disturbed kid Jake, fresh off a visit to Disneyland, insists to his father and stepmom that one of the Hitchhiking Ghosts really has followed him home. The grown-ups, of course, refuse to believe it… only for Jake and the stepmother to be confronted with a hauntin', breathin' Phineas and his whole array of spine-tingling tricks. With Jake's fear feeding the ghost's power, the two mortals must overcome their terror to come out of it in one piece…

Behind the scenes Edit

Unsanctioned by the Walt Disney Company (despite the presence of prominent Disney voice actor Jesse Corti in the cast), Followed from the Mansion was released for free on YouTube in October of 2013.

Though advertised as a "follow-up" to the Daws Brother's earlier short Missing at the Mansion, Followed is unrelated to Missing save for being centered on the Haunted Mansion; Missing is a found-footage horror film (which plays fast and loose with Mansion canon and cannot be considered valid within the Prime Universe), whereas Followed is a more traditional fantasy film, has a happy ending, and appears to take place in the Haunted Mansion universe straight-on.

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