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For Whom the Booth Tolls is a cartoon story written by Darrick Bachman, Alonso Ramirez Ramos and Paul Rudish, and directed by Rudish and Ramos. It features Mickey MouseMinnie MouseGoofy, and, in his debut, the Toll Booth.


Mickey & Minnie, on their way to Sans Souci Gardens, realize they have no change for the toll booth. Against Mickey's better judgement, he lets practical Minnie trick the machine by inserting a button in the slot. Little do the mice know that the offended Toll Booth will soon come alive to chase them to Sans Souci, demanding retribution!

Behind the scenes

For Whom the Booth Tolls is an episode of the Mickey Mouse: The Series. It featured a sort of cameo by series creator Paul Rudish as the synthetic voice of the Toll Booth.