Fortuity Luck (Fortunio Duck in the original Italian) is an anthropomorphic duck-albatross hybrid.


A resident of Duck Town, the self-confident, laid-back Fortuity Luck is a fellow super-lucky guy to Gladstone Gander and one of his main rivals for the title of luckiest duck in the world. In 2005, a contest of luck was organized, pitting Gladstone against Fortuity, which Gladstone won on what was arguably a technicality (Fortuity's luck, unlike Gladstone's, favored earning a lot of money later rather than a sizable sum sooner).

Behind the scenesEdit

Fortuity Luck only ever appeared in the 2005 story Gladstone Gander Tries his Luck.

Although he physically resembles an albatross, Luck refers to himself as a duck on a few occasions, and his family name in the original Italian was, indeed, "Duck". This suggests that he may have some ducks in his family tree despite his outer appearance.

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