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Frank Swansong is, assuming his last name is an indication of his species, an anthropomorphic swan and renowned singer.


During the high school days of Donald Duck, Frank Swansong was a well-known singer with many adoring fans. Among these fans was schoolgirl Daisy Duck. When he was seen in Duckburg, U.S.A., Daisy's hometown, and began giving autographs to nearby fans, Daisy used the opportunity to create a competition between her two suitors, Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander, challenging them both to get Frank's autograph for her.

Behind the scenes

Frank Swansong first appeared in the 1960 comic This Is Your Life, Donald Duck. His appearance and Daisy Duck's request for his autograph serve as Donald Duck's final obstacle before he is able to secure Daisy as a date to a dance.