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Frankenstein is a monstrous, artificial anthropomorphic dog from the 2017 Continuum, its counterpart to the original Frankenstein's Monster.


“Frankenstein”, who, although speaking in a low and hesitant growl and only ever naming himself in the third person, is actually quite intelligent and even has a psychoanalytic bent, was one of the monsters residing with Witch Hazel by 2020 in Hazel House, the “most haunted house in Duckburg”, participating in the scheme to lure children to the House every Halloween and then scare them into dropping all of their candy. With people no longer being afraid of Frakenstein's Monster, Frankenstein instead used his ability to separate his still-living body parts to play various “bit parts” throughout the “ride” of exploring the house — a disembodied hand here, a leaping head there. After the truth was discovered by Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck and Webby Vanderquack, Frankenstein and the other monsters instead got candy from McDuck Manor through “honest” trick-or-treating, and he appeared on the group picture that was taken at the end of this adventure.[1] Even before the Ducks' discovery of him in the (necrotic) flesh, Frankenstein was quite famous in popular culture, with John D. Rockerduck once comparing his oft-rebuilt, arguably-undead bodyguard Jeeves to “Frankenstein”.[2]

Behind the scenes

This version of Frankenstein's Monster appeared in 2020 in DuckTales 2017’s Season 3 Halloween special, The Trickening. In defiance of the well-trodden conventions about “Frankenstein” versus “the Monster”, he is clearly referred to in dialogue as “Frankenstein”, and credited as such.

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