Fred's Time Machine is a 27th century indertemporal, dimensionally-transcendental vehicle belonging to Fred Fku2.


Owned by the 27th-century-based time traveler Fred Fku2, this bell-shaped time machine (somewhat bigger on the inside, not unlike a TARDIS) travels through the Time Vortex at remarkable speed and lands with a loud “FLOOSH” noise. It seems that it is not one-of-a-kind, as when glimpsing Easter Bells, Fred took them for more time machines identical to his own due to the similar silhouette. (This would, incidentally, suggest that time machines like Fred's are also capable of flying through the air.)

After Fred crashed it on Earth in the year 2000, he managed to use it to teleport to Gyro Gearloose's lab as suggested by chance encounters Donald Duck and Fethry Duck to be fully repaired; Gyro, using his experience with time machines, was able to get it running, but only at ten years a second, which Fred found rather slow. Nevertheless, he soon took his saviors on a brief trip through time before dropping them back in their own time and heading home.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fred's Time Machine appears in Lost in the Jungle.

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