Fred is an anthropomorphic waterfowl and cousin of both Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander.


Fred is an immensely rich modernist painter of international renown and cousin of Donald Duck.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cousin Fred's only appearance was in A Picture of Justice by Freddy Milton. Milton had originally intended for Fethry Duck to play the role in the story that Fred does but was reportedly forced to abandon that plan when his editors would not allow him to do so, thus leading to the creation of Fred.[3]

Despite being an obscure character, Fred may have appeared in Monique Peterson's Duck Family Tree, where a certain "Fred" is listed as the brother of Daisy Duck, father of April, May and June, and great-grandnephew of Elvira Duck, making him Donald's first cousin once removed. It is uncertain whether or not this Fred is the same as the Fred from A Picture of Justice. Some fan hypotheses propose that Peterson's Fred is actually a female and Daisy's sister, which would fit with the implication in Carl Barks's Flip Decision that April, May, and June's connection to Daisy is through her sister, not her brother.
Fred is that you

A duck appearing on Johannes A. Grote's Duck family tree that may or may not be Fred.

It is also a possibility that the Fred on Peterson's tree is the same as the Fred from A Picture of Justice, but that he is Daisy's brother-in-law rather than brother. In this case, he would likely be the husband of Daisy's sister. This would also mean that he is likely the same as a figure who appears on Johannes A. Grote's Duck Family Tree as the husband of Daisy's sister, father of April, May, and June, brother of Whitewater Duck, and son of Drusilla Duck. Him being Whitewater's brother would fit with A Picture of Justice as it would make him a cousin of both Donald and Gladstone, though him being Drusilla's son fits less so, as it has since been established by Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree that Whitewater is actually the son of Eider Duck and Lulubelle Loon not Drusilla Duck and unknown husband.


Other theories exist as to Fred's possible placement on the Duck family tree. One suggestion would have him as the son or grandson of Rumpus McFowl.[3] In Gilles Maurice's Duck family tree, he is placed as a brother of Gus Goose.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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