Fred Fku2, better known as Fred, the Time Traveler is an anthropomorphic duck from the future (specifically, the 27th century).


Traveling in a top-of-the-line time machine, this native of Earth's 27th century has been around the Time Vortex long enough to consider even the wonders of the 2500th Century mundane, and even primitive. He is however no great genius, or, indeed, pilot; he once crashed in the middle of a jungle in the year 2000, encountering Fethry Duck and Donald Duck, and enlisted Gyro Gearloose's help to repair his time machine. Gyro could only get it to run at 10 years a second, which Fred found unpleasantly slow for time travel, but sufficient to return home, which he promptly did after giving his 21st-century saviors a brief ride in his machine.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fred Fku2 appears in the seven-installment comic special Lost in the Jungle, printed in 2000 in English in the French Le Journal de Mickey.

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