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The Duck Family Tree, more widely known as the French Duck Family Tree or the Picsou Magazine Duck Family Tree, is an unsigned version of the duck family tree which was printed in the French Picsou Magazine in the early 1990's.


This version of the Duck Family Tree contains only a few characters, alongside a small plot of text which summarizes the events of Donald's Nephews to introduce Dumbella Duck. It is among the works which include Grandma Duck as the sister of Scrooge McDuck rather than Donald Duck's grandmother. It is most notable for making explicit the idea that Ludwig von Drake is Daisy Duck's uncle (with one of Daisy's parents being a sibling of Ludwig's) and that Webby Vanderquack is a niece of Daisy's.

Claiming that the Duck and Gander family constitute a “Latin branch” of the Duck family, Scrooge and Elvira a “Scottish branch” and Daisy and Ludwig's side an “Austrian branch”, the tree also interestingly notes that the Duck family as a whole has Greek, Saxon, Native American and Germanic roots. The notion of Donald Duck having some Native American ancestry thus predates Don Rosa's later statement that Donald's great-great-grandfather Cornelius Coot indeed married a Native American woman.

Aside from question-mark placeholders (such as Ludwig's sibling), the characters included in the tree are:

Behind the scenes

This version of the Duck Family Tree was only ever published in the French Picsou Magazine #240.