Friar Juicy McDuck was an anthropomorphic duck.


As per his tombstone, Friar Juicy McDuck was born in 910.[1] He may have been the son of Sir Eider McDuck, another member of the Clan McDuck who was thirty years old at Juicy's birth, a reasonable age for one to become a father.[2] At some point in his life, it seems that Juicy decided to join the clergy, becoming a friar.

In 931, a new member of the McDuck Clan, Smokt McDuck, was born.[1] It is unknown for sure who his father is, but Friar Juicy, who was 21 years old at Smokt's birth, is certainly a prime candidate as the ages match up.

Friar Juicy McDuck died in 971 at the age of 61 from unknown causes. He was buried in the clan cemetery adjacent to Castle McDuck.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Friar Juicy McDuck appeared in the 1986 painting, Dubious Doings at Dismal Downs, which was inspired by the 1948 story The Old Castle's Secret.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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