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The Friendly Four, also known as Darkwing's Ducks, are the heroic counterparts of the Fearsome Five (minus Negaduck) from the Negaverse.


Where the members of the Fearsome Five are Negaduck's allies, the Friendly Four are his only real opponents in his home reality of the Negaverse. However, until Darkwing Duck traveled to their universe and helped them learn how to fight, the Friendly Four were woefully incompetent. With Darkwing's training, however, they became a formidable force against the Muddlefoots and Launchpad.

Behind the scenes

The Friendly Four were introduced in the Darkwing Duck episode "Life, the Negaverse, and Everything". They were voiced by the same actors as their evil counterparts. Unlike the other denizens of the Negaverse, they were also visually identical to their doppelgangers from the Prime Universe until they donned Darkwing masks, hats, and capes.