Frosty is a (presumably) male enchanted snowman.


Frosty was originally a snowman built in a snowy park in December of 1985. While having Christmas fun with Minnie and various passers-by, Mickey Mouse was pressed by said crowd to give life to the snowman, using some of the magic he'd learned under Yen Sid's tutelage. The snowman was dubbed "Frosty" (in honor of the Christmas song) and then joined the fun, singing and dancing. He later became a friend of Mickey and Goofy. In 2006, they thoughtlessly invited him into a hot tub with them, where he naturally melted. It is unknown if this was the end of him or if Mickey was able to rebuild him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Frosty first appeared in the 1985 live-action musical A Magic Kingdom Yuletide Special, reappearing briefly in the comic Hot Tub. He was, of course, based on the character from the popular Christmas song Frosty the Snowman composed in 1950 by William Rollins and Steve Nelson.

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