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Galacius Greymatter is a male alien of indeterminate species.


A solitary genius living in a space station orbiting his home world's sun, Galacius Greymatter is considered in intersideral society to be the greatest scientific genius in the Milky Way. Greymatter wrote several scientific monographs that soon became required reading at the Eye-Force Academy in the Galaxy of Mono-Ocularis. In 2010, he created the P.E.R.C.Y., an artificial planet-sized creature, to depollute his galaxy, giving it the shape of a large goofy worm (because he happens to like worms).

Unfortunately, in the middle of the process, the P.E.R.C.Y. was sucked into another galaxy (Mono-Ocularis) by an unpredictable wormhole. Later on however, after the P.E.R.C.Y. had been terrifying the Mono-Ocularians, the Mono-Ocularian Iris-One, the Earthling Mickey Mouse and the Beevan Eega Beeva discovered the P.E.R.C.Y.'s origin and tracked down Galacius, allowing him to regain control of the P.E.R.C.Y. and complete the cleansing of his solar system's planets.

Behind the scenes

Greymatter first appeared in 2010 in Plan Dine from Outer Space.