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Gale is a human man.


Before he became a humble fruit merchant in the Bazaar of Agrabah, the old but courageous Gale was one of the few soldiers in Agrabah's army who fought back against Jafar's usurpation of the throne during his brief reign of terror over the City. He was injured in the process and walked with a limp ever since, which slowed down work and forced his young granddaughter Katrina to start helping him with the stall. Business slowing down led to their attracting the ire of Agrabah's wicked tax collector Iarr Ess, but luckily, Princess Jasmine witnessed the confrontation and protected Gale and Katrina from the bureaucrat's wrath, paying the two's debt and ordering Ess not to harass an old hero like that again.

Behind the scenes

Gale appears in the 1993 story More Arabian Nights.