Galhume Giltpalate is an anthropomorphic pig.


Galhume Giltpalate is a noted gourmet from Mouseton, and a wealthy and refined man besides. In 1997, he attended the Countess De Luge's charity auction, and paid a thousand dollars for a cheese Mickey Mouse had made from a heirloom recipe from his pirate ancestor Long John Mouse, having recognized it as a long-lost type of gorgonzola. A member of the Eaters' Circle, Giltpalate then headed to the Circle's "Gourmets' Convention" in Pickleburg, where he was persuaded to sell the cheese to Gorgia Chitlinstuffer.

Behind the scenesEdit

Galhume Giltpalate was created in 1997 by David Gerstein and Jorge David Redo in Early To Bid.

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