Jeux & Action !, directly translatable from French as Games & Action!, is a one-panel comic story by Laurent Van Beughen, featuring Scrooge McDuck and a nameless reporter.

Description Edit

Scrooge McDuck, celebrating his 400th birthday, is interviewed by a reporter about how he stayed so youthful over this absurdly long life. With a winking smile, Scrooge answers that it is because he always does the game pages of Picsou Magazine.


Behind the scenes Edit

This brief comic was printed in 2005 in the French Picsou Magazine #400.

Scrooge celebrating his 400th birthday in the story is ostensibly a reference to the issue being #400, although within the confines of the story itself, it is clear that the characters are referring about Scrooge's actual age.

Jeux & Action! was technically the title of the entire game page for which Van Beughen's comic provided an illustration, rather than of the one-panel comic itself.

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