The Gang of the Green Gorilla, also known as the G.G.G., the Gang of the Green Gorillas, or, mockingly, as the Gangrened Gorilla, is a malevolent secret organization.


The Gang of the Green Gorilla are a malevolent group (composed of green gorillas), one of the Horde of the Violet Hare's numerous copycats-slash-rivals created by faulty brainwashing that left retired members of the organization with a compulsion to found others with similar names and goals.[1]

Beyond a vestigial lust for Atlantean treasure, the organization's primary purpose is to brainwash the world into thinking that all gorillas are green, presumably so they would not be considered out of place. Indeed, when Joe Torcivia noted that it seemed he was always drawing odd secret organizations out into the open, the Gang took offense to the notion that they were being called odd, and suggested that they had already brainwashed Torcivia, wondering if they had done it "hard enough". Ironically, the organization believed that maroon magpies and violet hares were strange.[2]

Beyond true brainwashing, the Gang of the Green Gorilla have also been known to manipulate media to feature as much green gorillas (and wildlife in general) as possible. In this, the Gang of the Green Gorilla are affiliated with another organization, the Possé of the Azure-And-Emerald Panther.[3] They are avid readers of Disney comics, inasmuch as they serve as "reports" on the activities of rivals of theirs. For instance, it was through one of the comics that they learned of Tutor, going to voice their frustrations that green gorillas were not featured among the animals Tutor rescued.[4]

In 2018, after Scrooge McDuck gave a TV interview recounting his adventures related to Atlantis, the hold Horde of the Violet Hare compulsion to look into acquiring Atlantean artifacts kicked in and at least two separate agents of the Gang of the Green Gorilla visited the Money Bin. Scrooge McDuck was able to subdue at least the first of those, snatching his hypnotic gun from his hand before the Gorilla could get a shot at him.[5][UNOFF]

After a first encounter in 1986 Vanityville, the Gang have also developed a rivalry with the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids, bitter enough that they were forced to develop a cure for Cupid love potion.[6] On Valentine's Day in 2019, the Cupids briefly succeeded in invading the Gang of the Green Gorilla's lair and using their magical abilities to make them all lovesick — which made the Gorillas extremely miserable, as they had never found anyone willing to date them.[7]

Behind the scenes

The Gang of the Green Gorilla was created by an anonymous reader (known by the Wiki to be Aristide Twain) of Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand.

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