Mr Geert Vander Donckt is a man of unknown species.


This man (of presumably Dutch origins) lived in Duckburg in 1994, when he stumbled, purely out of luck, on an old scroll dating back to 1554. It was the recipe for a special sort of green-tinged beer, which Vander Donckt kept secret in the hope of commercializing it later on (it is unknown if the product was met with any success when he did). Donald Duck and Fethry Duck reported all of this in Issue #1 of their home-brewed newspaper, WAK!.

Behind the scenesEdit

Geert Vander Donckt was only ever mentioned in Issue #1 of WAK!, which has never been published in English.

Assuming it is a genuine Dutch name, the character's name is actually misspelled; Geert van der Donckt or Geert Vanderdonckt would both be accurate, but Geert Vander Donckt is not, as it implies Vander is a middle name as opposed to a particle (akin to "of").

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