General is or was the rank of an anthropomorphic dog during World War II. He is or was a general in the United States Army. His real name is unknown.


The General is or was a decorated member of the United States Army. His exact rank may be that of Brigadier General.[1] Among those under his command was Private Donald Duck and Sergeant Pete. He is or was a dignified and reasonable fellow who seems to command a certain amount of respect, while also remaining sensible and calm, as seen in how he tries to calm Sergeant Pete when the latter goes around a military base throwing hand grenades.[2]

It is possible that he died in 1942 when a pile of hand grenades fell on him and Pete, with at least some of them exploding. However, Pete survived the catastrophe with little to no evident injuries, giving hope that the General may have, too.[2] Furthermore, while on an episode of The Jiminy Cricket Show in 1960, Donald Duck mentioned a general he knew in the Army as if he was still living.[3] Whether or not this is a reference to the same general who tried to calm an ax-crazy Pete is unknown.

Physical Appearance Edit

The General is or was a tall and fit anthropomorphic dog roughly the size of Peg-Leg Pete, albeit fitter and with less visible body fat. He has or had what is either brown fur or brown skin and a black mustache.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The General was created for and appeared in The Vanishing Private where he provided a foil to Pete, with the implication being that he is to Pete as Pete is to Donald Duck, who also appears in and is the star of the short. The cartoon was released on September 25, 1942.[4]


Possible reference to the General in Sky Trooper.

There may be a reference to him in Sky Trooper, which ends with Pete and Donald crash-landing and detonating a bomb on the "General's Headquarters." It is unknown whether or not this general is the same as the one who appeared in The Vanishing Private. This Is Your Life, Donald Duck also contains a potential reference to him when Donald mentions a general after Jiminy Cricket informs him that he is about to be reunited with someone from his army days.

Voice ActorsEdit

In his sole appearance, he was voiced by John McLeish.[4]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. He has one star on each of his shoulders. According to sources such as Alternate Wars and Wikipedia, this might would indicate he is a Brigadier General
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