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General Crow was an anthropomorphic raven.


General Crow was a notorious historical figure from Duckburg's history, seemingly a contemporary of Cornelius Coot. He was readily known to Donald Duck in 1957, who joked that a melting snow statue of Cornelius that Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck was beginning to look more like General Crow. Little is known of Crow's life, but he must have had children, as Martha Bird (Gyro Gearloose's paternal grandmother) and her brother were descended from him.

Behind the scenes

First mentioned in Carl Barks's The Snowman Contest, General Crow was then featured in Johannes A. Grote's Duck Family Tree, Grote having decided to declare him related to the Duck family.

This is because Cuthbert Coot's last name was translated in German not as "Erpel" (the family name used for Cornelius Coot's line) but "Wasserhun" ("mudhen"), a name also used for General Crow. Ironically, since it was reliant on a matter of translation, this part of Grote's tree cannot function with the original English names in mind — not to mention the notion that Cuthbert be the son of Griseldis and her husband is directly contradicted by Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree. However, the idea of the General being related to Gyro's grandmother and Griseldis's husband, as such, remains perfectly acceptable.