General Lunaris is a male Moonlander from the 2017 Continuum.


Calm, confident and calculating, General Lunaris of the Moonlander military force and his subordinate Lieutenant Penumbra encountered Della Duck in the Moon Desert ten years after she crashed there in the Spear of Selene. They fended off a Moonmite together, with Della finally figuring out the reason Moonmites were always so aggressive towards Moonlanders. Unlike the short-tempered Penumbra, Lunaris schemed to appear a wise and benevolent ally to Della until the time was right for Della to become the final chess-piece in Lunaris's long-treasured scheme to lead the Moonlander people to war on the Earth. Stealing the plans of Della's rockets and arranging for her return to Earth to appear as an act of treachery, Lunaris took command of Tranquility and imposed martial law. While he had planned for nearly every eventuality in his invasion, Lunaris neglected to prepare for the dementedness of Glomgold's schemes, which ultimately led to his downfall. He is currently stuck orbiting the Earth in his rocket, effectively making him a moon himself.

Behind the scenes Edit

General Lunaris debuted in the 2019 DuckTales 2017 episode Whatever Happened to Della Duck?.

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