General Portis is an anthropomorphic cat and Feudarnia's counterpart to Portis Plottigat.

Description Edit

General Portis is second-in-command on the Moon of the Dragon and Metormaster Blot's right-hand man.

After the Meteormaster's army (consisting of Magica De Spell and the Beagle Boys) failed to steal the Magnus Malleus, he assigned Portis to teach them better tactics. To demonstrate a successful plot, Portis outlined how he had cut off Greedburgh from trading with the rest of Feudarnia by stationing a Shark Meteorbeast at its port, a devastating blow to the galaxy, as most goods came from Greedburgh. It is unknown what became of Portis after the destruction of the Moon of the Dragon, as he was not brought to the Great Prison along with the Meteormaster and his minions.

Behind the scenes Edit

This version of Portis first appeared in Donald Quest in 2016.

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