General Tex is a male Toon who once posed as a flesh-and-blood man of unknown species.


As part of a sinister plot to take over the United States of America, this Toon disguised himself as a human and became the general of the Duckburg Army in 1997. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck investigated the possibility of Tex being a Toon, but, despite Tex's blatantly toony behavior, gave him a clean pass. Nonetheless, he was presumably found out at some point since (along with the rest of the cabal of evil toons).

Behind the scenesEdit

General Tex was mentioned in the 1997 21st issue of WAK!.

It is unknown whether the Toon known on this page as General Tex was impersonating a preexisting general (presumably the General seen in Attaaaaaack!), or if he had invented the personage of "General Tex" altogether and become general on his own terms.

His name is likely meant as a reference to famous cartoonist Tex Avery.

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