The Genie's Lamp is a Magic Lamp.


This Lamp (a spacious mansion on the inside, complete with its very own genius loci), served as the prison and later home of the Genie whom Aladdin befriended. For 10,000 years, the Lamp was hidden in the Cave of Wonders, the only treasure within it which could be retrieved without collapsing the entire chamber; it was periodically located by men who were usually corrupted by the power the lamp gave them, wasted their wishes, and then saw the lamp return to the Cave magically once their three allotted wishes were up.

After Aladdin found the lamp and freed the Genie, the latter briefly sent the vacant Lamp back to the Cave, where the Voice of the Lamp put it up for rant to cure his loneliness. Fresh off escaping another lamp, the parrot Iago let himself be fooled into entering it and found he couldn't get out again until someone rubbed the lamp. Fortunately for him, the Genie, feeling homesick, soon decided to get the Lamp back and return to living inside it, free or not. In the process, he booted Iago out and sent him back to Jafar's Lamp — from which he later escaped again. Regardless, Aladdin carried the Lamp with him ever since, with the Genie's blessing.

In 1999, the Genie was forced to give it up, as its powers were exploited by Mickey Mouse and Aladdin as an emergency measure to trap Jafar (who had, by then, turned himself into a Genie as well). It seems that the Lamp was so powerful Mickey only had to rub it while pointing at Jafar for him to be sucked into it. By 2012, however, the Genie had recovered his home while Jafar was transferred to another black magic lamp identical to his earlier one.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Magic Lamp was first seen in the 1992 animated film Aladdin, and has made numerous appearances in related media.


It has become something of a running gag in modern Disney productions that identical lamps seem to turn up in large piles of treasures. Most of these may be coincidence, but it is also possible that they are evidence of the Genie's travels through space and time, and that he "parked" in large piles of treasure because this was where the Lamp would be most inconspicuous. The Lamp appears in the following:

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