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George Darling is a human man.


A respectable man living in early 20th century London, George Darling had long forgotten his childhood ventures with Peter Pan when his own children (Wendy, John and Michael) began talking about stories of Neverland themselves. Now a stern, easily-angered, somewhat cynical man, Darling not only refused to believe in the stories, but worked to quash any imagination and "childishness" in his children.

Following the Darling children's adventures in Neverland, however, George was confronted with tangible proof of Neverland's reality in the form of the Jolly Roger flying back there from London. He presumably mellowed down considerably after that day. What became of Darling after his children grew up is unknown, although he and his wife were no longer living in their former house in 1941.

Behind the scenesEdit

George Darling (based on the character of the same name in James Matthew Barrie's Peter Pan novel and play) first appeared in the 1953 animated feature Peter Pan.

Amusingly, according to the dates given in Disneystrology, he and his wife share a birthday, May the 18th.

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