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George Hightower was a human man who is now a ghost.


George Hightower was a rich 19th century businessman who came to purchase the Haunted Mansion when its reputation as a dwelling of phantoms and spirits wasn't yet established. He unfortunately caught the eye of serial black widow Constance Hatchaway, whom he married in 1877, becoming the fifth husband whom Constance would have beheaded on the wedding night. After one last failed attempt at marriage,[1] Constance decided to stop her tally there and move into the Mansion, making George her final husband.

This being the Haunted Mansion, it wasn't long before George's ghost manifested. Though he and Constance's other husbands are still smitten with her — after all, murder loses a lot of its gravity from a ghost's point of view — they all still work to make the true circumstances of their deaths known, possessing their wedding photographs to make their photographed heads disappear. In a similar style, George also morphed the bust of himself on his tombstone to show an axe buried in his forehead.

Behind the scenes

George Hightower first appeared in one of the Stretching Portraits. He was given a last name after the Haunted Mansion's 2007 refurbishment.

George is likely a relative of Harrison Hightower III, although this is unknown. The last name, at least, was probably meant as a reference to Harrison.

Portrayed by

  • Rick Rothschild (in a photo in the Disneyland and Walt Disney World rides)

Notes and References

  1. As shown in Disney Kingdoms' Haunted Mansion.