George Willikers was a human man.

Description Edit

A small-time, sadistic tyrant at heart, George Willikers was the foreman of Barnabas T. Bullion's mine in Big Thunder Mountain for several years leading up to 1878. As greedy as he was immoral, Willikers drew the ire not only of his abused workers, but also of the spirit of the Mountain itself, who eventually brought down retribution, causing Willikers to fall to his death before he could murder Abigail Bullion and the mine-workers in a bid to save a shipment of gold (over the human beings) from an earthquake.

Behind the scenes Edit

First mentioned as "G. Willikers" in the 2013 updates to the queue of Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Walt Disney World attraction, Willikers was made the main antagonist of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad comic printed in 2015 as part of the Disney Kingdoms event.

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