Gertrude Gadwall

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Gertrude Coot (nee Gadwall) was a female anthropomorphic gadwall.


An apparently stern woman who seems to have had very few joys in her life, Gertrude Gadwall married Clinton Coot and became the mother of several children, including Casey and Elvira, who would later become Grandma Duck. She was also the aunt of Ludwig Von Drake, and used to tell Elvira stories about her sister who'd moved to Austria. According to one account, she was a descendant of Pintail Duck, much like Humperdink Duck, oddly making her and her daughter's husband very distantly related.

Behind the scenes

She first appeared in 1993 in Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree. She also appeared in a 2019 version of the Duck Family Tree which debuted the idea of her being somehow descended from Pintail.

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